My most recent FAQ video (updated Nov. 2019) attempts to provide answers to the questions I am asked most often (timestamps for each question, and links to more detailed answers in other videos where applicable, in the video description).

And of course, many of my videos are made in response to questions that I frequently receive. But here are some of the most frequent:


Will you translate a text into Old Norse and/or runes for me?

Especially due to the overwhelming number of translation requests I receive every day, I am not able or willing to respond to most of them. Specifically, I do not accept translation requests for tattoos, or that I have reason to believe are for tattoos.

In some very old videos (especially ca. 2016), translation of small phrases was mentioned as an occasional benefit offered to Patreon supporters. This has been discontinued for a long time.

I may accept requests in conjunction with being paid on a larger project such as film and television show consulting. In the latter circumstances, if I agree to take on a job, my rates are: $255/hr, with a minimum charge of one hour.

Public speaking: By hourly rate, $255/hr, with a minimum fee of $382.50 (equals approx. one hour and a half of work) plus any associated fees from travel and/or parking.


I can’t access Amazon in my country, or I choose to use an alternative to Amazon. Where else can I buy your books?

Many booksellers can order the books directly from my publisher, Hackett Publishing Company, and in many countries you can visit their site to order directly from them as well. If you are in Europe, you can also order my books from Grimfrost.

How can I get an autographed book?

At this time, we don’t have an easy mechanism set up for distributing autographed books except at public talks and events. Any such events will be announced on my Youtube channel.

As of December 2019, the Boulder Book Store also periodically has signed copies available to order online; contact the store for more information.

Are you working on any new books?

As of September 2020, I have at least two upcoming titles under contract with Hackett Publishing Company. I have finished the first, a translation of The Saga of Hervor and Heidrek, with The Saga of Hrólf Kraki, and expect it will be published in late 2021. The second, a translation of The Prose Edda, with The Saga of the Ynglings, is work I am just beginning; it ought to be available by the mid-2020s.


I’m not a University of Colorado student. Can I take one of your classes?

At this time we do not have the ability to accept students from outside the University of Colorado system in the classroom, unless they are formally enrolled through the registrar by some means.

Do you offer online classes?

Not at this time. If that ever changes, it will be announced on the Youtube channel.

Old Norse and Norse Mythology

I don’t attend a university where classes are offered. How can I learn Old Norse (or Icelandic)?

I may eventually produce a textbook in Old Norse, but for the moment that is years away. In the meantime, I have a playlist of videos that introduce you to the basic grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of Old Norse, and in the following video I explain what I think are the best materials for studying the language on your own.

I want to learn how to speak Old Norse conversationally, or use some conversational phrases in something I’m writing. Can you help with that?

By their nature, our written Old Norse sources are not full of normal, everyday conversation, but in the following two videos I explain some likely translations for the phrases people often want.

Can you recommend some good books for someone interested in your field?

See this video and the pinned comment below it.


Are you Ásatrú/pagan/heathen?

No, as discussed here and (in a little less detail) here.

What are your personal religious beliefs?

They are expressed by my fellow believer Ron Swanson here.

Why did you leave (Berkeley/UCLA)?

These were not long-term contracts. Although the public at large has not realized it, most instructional faculty at universities today are on temporary contracts.